Aug. 7th 2010 !! Photos and Update.


Power and internet services have been restored!!!! After a very quick ten minute storm Surry County lost power for just under 24 hours. Campers weathered the storm in the pavilion around a campfire (in a fire-pit) making smores and telling the stories of Chanco. In the morning, classes went on as usual. It’s a good thing that sailing, archery, ropes and all of the other day time activities don’t require power. Chanco would like to thank our maintenance staff, camp administration and FCG dining services who worked 19 hours over the course of the 23 hour black out to keep the camp running by rotating generators to help supply running hot and cold water, keep a percentage of the kitchen refrigerators running so food didn’t spoil and being creative with the meals (Dominos) so that a quality camp experience could still be provided.  I am sure our parents are ready for some photos of our adventure so we have added just over 200 new photos to the link below. ENJOY.

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