Happening #61 Diocesan Youth Retreat, March 7-9

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If a weekend at Chanco full of an abundance of laughter, fun, fellowship, faith, worship, God’s grace and new friendships would interest your child, then Happening #61 is for him/her.  Happening is a Christian renewal program in the Diocese of Southern Virginia designed for youth in grades 10-12 and their adult advisors who have not attended Happening.  (Adult advisors – this can be for you too!  Encourage some of your parish youth to attend and join them for an unbelievable experience!)  Happening #61 is being held at Chanco on the James from March 7-9th, beginning at 7 pm on Friday and ending at 6 pm on Sunday.  Youth and advisors stay in conference center rooms with private baths and linens provided. The focal point of the weekend is learning and experiencing the love of Christ.  The weekend format includes a series of talks, movies, small group activities and worship, as well as opportunities for fellowship, fun and making new friends.  Many Happeners consider their Happening community “family”.  Weekends like Happening allow our youth to connect with other friends of Christian faith from throughout our diocese.  Many make lifetime bonds that continue through life after high school and beyond.  “I had a prayer partner during Happening who became my lifetime best friend, my maid of honor and the godmother of my daughter” reports Talley Banazek (Happening #12).  She further shares, “Happening is an awakening experience to the profound and unconditional love of Christ.  When this is experienced in a community of friends from throughout our diocese, it is extremely powerful.” Chris O’Brian attended Happening #27, has staffed many Happenings since then and currently serves on the Happening Committee.  In counting his blessings this past Thanksgiving, he included the Happening community among them.  He shares, ” Thinking about the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, I add to that list this community. It’s not hard to see God’s love through the people I’ve met at Happening, and those people have helped me see God’s love at work in the world everyday. I’m very thankful for that!”  Do not miss this amazing opportunity. Click here and register TODAY for Happening #61!  The deadline to register is Monday, February 10, 2014. Photo courtesy of Kim Tilford Centers.  

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