Recent Questions: Rain, Bunk Notes, Pick-up times, Photos, and Bears…..ok maybe not Bears!

Here are a few answers to questions we are getting calls and e-mails and posts from the website about:

Our first day at camp has been going very well. So far we have only seen just a few minutes of quick showers.  Other than that it’s been bright and sunny all day!
Our staff check the weather multiple times a day as well as look forward to upcoming days.
There is no reason to call to alert us of weather patterns. Counselors are the Swiss-Army knives of Child Care. They have a tool for every situation. Rain and strong winds do not slow down the fun here at Chanco.
We do have emergency action plans in case of abnormaly large storms.
Pick-up is from 9am-Noon on Friday we will see you then!
Pictures will be up-loaded this evening after the first day comes to an end.
You can follow the link below for bunk notes. We have also included an information sheet on our downloadable forms page.

Here is a link to the Bunk Notes Page

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