Space is filling at Camp Chanco – Don’t Delay, register today!

Kids today have many valuable activities pulling at their summer schedules – there are Vacation Bible School opportunities, mission trips, pilgrimages, sports camps, family vacations, visits to grandparents, academic camps and more. With all these fabulous summer opportunities, why make time to spend one or two weeks of your summer in the woods at Chanco?

Beyond all the Chanco offers such as swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, the ropes course, zip lining, laughter, singing, bonfires, skits and amazing outdoor activities – beyond that there are the intangible benefits of camp. Chanco offers our young people a priceless opportunity to spend more time outdoors than indoors for one or two solid weeks. Our kids need to get dirty, play in the mud, swim in the river, find sharks teeth, visit a natural spring, play Ga-Ga and have pet frogs. As our addition to phones, computers, tablets and video games grows, it has never been more important for kids to have substantial time outside away from these things.

Chanco is a place where it’s more than OK to mess up – it’s embraced. It’s a place where falling out of the sailboat is as much fun as sailing itself and where forgetting lines in a skit or missing the bulls eye in archery are just as treasured moments as any success. In a world of ever increasing academic pressures, Chanco is a place to just be a kid and have fun.10347491_863721736990093_6055765607498654368_n

We at Chanco believe that kids today need camp more than ever. One camper shared, “There is something about being excluded from the hateful outside world of social media, drama and real world issues that makes you feel secure and comforted. Friendships at Chanco are the ones that last. Chanco is like a second home.” Where words like “survival”, “pressure cooker”, “social media drama”, “bullying” and “gossip” are all too common in the growing up years, let’s take two weeks and replace these with “Faith”, “God”, “spirit”, “friendship”, “magical forests” and “second home”.

 Click here for a Camp Chanco 2015 flier with more information to share with your child, friends and parish! Click here for a video about Chanco camp sessions and retreats. Click here to visit the page on this website to register now (Click the “register now” circle at top of the page). We can’t wait to see you this summer for the first time or for your ninth visit in Chanco’s magical forests where “friends are friends forever”!

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  1. Good Evening. I am very interested in signing my son up for camp this summer but cannot seem to find a li or registration that works. Could you help me?

    Many thanks,
    Andrea Erda

    • Hi Andrea, I am so sorry you have had trouble with the registration process. Did you try this page of our website – And click the “register now” circle button at the top? I just tried it and it worked for me. If you continue to have problems, please call us at 888-7CHANCO (888-724-2626) and we can help you. We look forward to having your son with us this summer! Sincerely, Talley Banazek, Marketing Coordinator

      • Hey Talley: I am interested in sending my two granddaughters, ages 14, & 15 to session 1, 2, or 3, or possibly the ropes course. Can you tell me more about the general sessions. Thanks. Peace,, Becki

  2. We have enrolled our granddaughter in session 4, which is a two week session. Your schedule is unclear: does she stay over the interim weekend or do we have to pick her up and bring her back for the second week?

    • Hi Richard, We are so glad to have your granddaughter with us for Session Four! Yes, she stays the interim weekend between the two weeks. The weekend is one of the favorite parts of camp for our two week campers – we have an all day themed event on Saturday called “Big Day” that is fantastic! See you soon! Blessings, Talley Banazek, Marketing Coordinator

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