The 121st Annual Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia

“…The EPIC Adventure of Being Church Begins…”

The 121st Annual Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia was held February 15th and 16th, 2013 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Chanco had a booth at this event and staff and board members enjoyed manning the booth and seeing many of our friends from throughout the diocese.  Of note, our new Executive Director, Gareth Kalfas, was at Annual Council in its entirety and was thrilled to meet so many youth and adults who are friends of Chanco.  Gareth enjoyed lunch with the youth delegation and Bishop Hollerith.

Bishop Herman Hollerith IV addressed Council highlighting the strategic goals of the Executive Board, the many positive ministries of our diocese, along with his vision for future work within our diocese and specifically, Chanco on the James.  Bishop Hollerith concluded his thoughts regarding Chanco’s needs and ministry stating, “Above all, I want you to understand my motivation here. I know Chanco is holy ground for many – it is for me. But, I also know that it could mean more to all of us. I believe Chanco has the potential to be a kind of special cathedral for our diocese – a place that acts as a true spiritual center for our common life. It’s now time to move forward and see what we can do.”

Click here for the text version of Bishop Hollerith’s address to Council.  Click here for the live video of Bishop Hollerith’s address.

The Rev. Conor Alexander, 2012 Chanco Board President, addressed Council introducing Gareth, sharing our assessment from ECCC (Episcopal Camp and Conference Centers), highlighting progress in our Change for Chanco projects and 2012 conference center renovation work as well as goals for renovation for 2013.  The Rev. Alexander also announced his resignation as Chanco Board President and announced Mrs. Karen Witherspoon, previous Vice President, assuming the role of Chanco Board President in 2013.

We give thanks for our many friends in the diocese who visited our Chanco booth at Council and for all our friends throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia for their support.

For more information on the 121st Annual Council of our diocese, please visit the diocesan website at


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